Beef Fillet stuffed with Feta Recipe by Fairview

Feta is one of South Africa’s favourite cheese, but it only tends to find its way into dull salads and the occasional pizza. A bit boring, – don’t you think?

The good people at Fairview have created a range of delicious recipes to showcase the versatility of Fairview Feta. All of these dishes have been tried and tested by their chefs of the Goatshed Restaurant making use of only local ingredients. The serving size of the beef fillet recipe below is intended for four people. You can make use of either the 100g or 200g Fairview Feta package.

P.S.: If you don’t have the time to make these beautiful recipes at home, why don’t you head over to Fairview in Paarl and book a table at Goatshed Restaurant. 


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