2-Night Valentine’s Day Retreat At Benguela Cove

Escape to a realm of romance and luxury with Benguela Cove’s Two-Night Valentine’s Retreat, promising an unparalleled experience in one of the world’s most exquisite vineyards in Hermanus. 

For those seeking an enchanting getaway, Benguela Cove beckons to bring you the ultimate date night experience on Valentine’s Day.

What’s on the itinerary? 

  • Day 1 sets the stage for a Taste of Love as couples enter a villa adorned with rose petals. The evening crescendos with an exquisite Valentine’s Dinner, creating the perfect ambiance for shared moments.
  • On Day 2, couples are greeted by a stunning sunrise and a leisurely breakfast basket. The Art of Romance unfolds as they embark on a Chocolate and Wine Pairing, exploring the lush vineyards. The day culminates with a bottle of the award-winning Joie De Vivre in the private villa.
  • Day 3 bids a Farewell to Remember with a final breakfast, leaving behind cherished memories of an unforgettable stay. Benguela Cove ensures an epitome of romance and luxury, inviting couples to celebrate love in an idyllic setting.

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 Benguela Cove Lagoon Wine Estate, R43 Botrivier Lagoon, Hermanus, South Africa
 087 357 0637

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