Saul’s Grill Review

Saul’s. It’s been around for years and never seems to stop growing. I came to Cape Town on holiday when I was 15, we went out somewhere in town, then ended up at Saul’s at 3am eating burgers and chips – pretty much welcomed me into the world of late night (tipsy) eating.

Reminiscing the good old days

The chain now includes: Saul’s Saloon & Grill; Saul’s Pizza, Sushi and The Taverna. The other night I went off to the grill to reminisce the good old days.

To start we shared a Calamari and Chips Basket (R45) served with a tartar sauce. The chips were perfectly crispy skinny fries, and the calamari was uber crunchy. We also had a Chicken Salad (R45) – a garden salad topped with BBQ chicken pieces. It was very nice, but come on, you don’t go to Saul’s for a salad, you go there for.

Saul's Grill Sea Point

Sea Point Restaurant

A Burger Combo Meal including a single beef burger, chips, a sauce and a drink for only R49! FORTY NINE RAND. And it isn’t a measly burger either. A huge, succulent beef patty, roll and all the trimmings. It really is great value for money.

Sauls Grill

I had the 250g Rib-Eye Steak and Chips for only R89, with a pepper sauce. The basting was delicious and the steak was cooked to absolute perfection, so the sauce was completely unnecessary – but obviously great for dipping chips. Both these specials, plus a 400g Spare Ribs & Calamari Combo (R89) run daily.

Sauls Sea Point

After all that eating, dessert just didn’t feel like an option – I’m disappointing, I know – so instead I had a Double Think Chocolate Fudge Milkshake (R30) which obviously isn’t dessert (yes, it is). It was rich and creamy and decadent and moreish. I tried to convince Marvin to have a shake too, I wanted to try either the Peanut Butter or Horlicks ones, but he was having none of it and got a coffee instead. PANSY.

Sauls Grill Sea Point

Now let’s be honest, you aren’t going to have your wedding at Saul’s. You probably won’t take your family there when they come visit you from out of town and it isn’t necessarily the place every gal wants to go on a first date (but let’s not generalize) – you go to Saul’s because it’s open 24 hours a day; they make a MEAN burger and chips; their specials are great value for money; you can go there with a bunch of friends and eat, drink and be merry; plus you can go there in slops and shorts and no one will look at you funny.

Fancy a challenge? If you can manage to wolf down a 1,2kg Beef Burger and Chips (R150) in just 15minutes, you get a certificate, T-Shirt, a R50 meal voucher and your name on a plaque on the wall. Get it done, tweet us your pic, and we will honour and revere you forever. Major kudos to the guys and girls already on that wall, I am impressed.

PS. They have maaaad breakfast specials and bottomless coffee. Could’ve done with that the last time I was there.

PPS. They have free WIFI. Yeah buddy.

The Taverna

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