Mzolis Review

What is the most proudly South African thing you can any day of the year, but especially a Sunday – a braai. And what is a braai all by your lonesome with one or two strings of boerewors and a shriveled up tasteless chop – sadness. A braai is an experience that should be shared with friends, old and new. It is a time for relaxation, a time for laughing and time for enjoyment of life’s simple pleasures. So, what better way to spend a Sunday than to have a braai with 500 other (and by other I actually mean extremely different and at times somewhat dodgy but all round pretty interesting) people at the mothership of the braai – Mzolis.

Mzolis is situated in the very upmarket suburb of Gugulethu and has taken the minimalist approach to their service offering. The Business Science Marketing Honours class of 2010 (not to be confused with other less important financially inclined Honours classes) decided that they would all join forces, like the Power Rangers, to embark on the truly incredible braai experience that Mzolis offers.

For those of you who have not been to Mzolis, shame. Let me try and give you as vivid a description as possible: It is a butchery.  Ok, maybe it is a little bit more than a butchery. Mzolis offers a severely limited number of tables and chairs (which are the hottest commodity around, after the Black Label), an electric and eclectic vibe, no bar (instead there is a shebeen that serves only the finest 750ml liquor money can buy) and the most finger licking good meat that you have ever tasted.



The Mzolis experience that the Marketing class had was incredible. From the negotiations with car guards, to street dancing with the Cape’s finest gangsters, to purchasing alcohol from behind a cage, to watching certain people practically drink the meat marinade, it was a Sunday like no other. Not even the weather could dampen the vibe that was created.

If you are looking to have a Sunday afternoon braai with some added adventure (and the possibility of making some really different friends), then Mzolis is the place to be. Just a hint, it gets busy, like break up night Tiger on steroids busy, so get there early.

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