Mootee Bar

Located in Melville, Mootee Bar is an unconventional establishment that celebrates African identity and mixes up some pretty impressive cocktails.

Inspired by the very essence of Africa, Mootee Bar takes all the juxtapositions of the beautiful continent, shakes it up and takes your senses on a journey from Cape to Cairo. Having opened their doors less than a year ago, Mootee Bar is already receiving critical acclaim and is being recognised on the global stage after recently being named one of the 10 Best New Cocktail Bars in the 2018 Spirit Awards.

Always pushing creative boundaries, Mootee looks to challenge your understanding of food and drink culture. With an emphasis on unique food and drink, a visit to Mootee Bar is an exciting experience. This popular destination, that is 100% bartender-owned, also boasts an outside rooftop deck, open air alley seating and a private lounge.

Owned by three renowned mixologists with impressive international experience in the hospitality industry, the team at Mootee create cocktails through an alternative lens. Despite the fact that the venue boasts all the latest gastronomy and mixology gadgets, it isn’t pretentious and retains a welcoming, fun atmosphere. 

Having taken eight months to develop, the cocktail menu definitely veers away from the traditional. Patrons are enticed to explore the twelve cocktails – each inspired by a classic African tale – through a unique visual interpretational technique.

Over-and-above the cocktail menu, Mootee Bar also has a well-balanced wine-list and selection of spirits, all contributing again to the bar’s broad appeal.

In an inviting setting that’s teeming with creative energy, Mootee Bar offers an experimental new perspective to the art of cocktail making, join them this week for a locally-inspired cocktail experience.

Call: 010 900 1399 or Email:

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Directions to Mootee Bar

78A 4th Ave
010 900 1399

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