R45 for Morning Coffee and a Treat at Pepperclub Hotel

It’s the best way to start your day!

Pull up a chair to the striped coffee bar at Ruby’s Bakery & Café. Breathe in the scent of roasting coffee beans and freshly baked pastries and muffins. Salivate over those bacon and egg quiches and listen to the sound of health blitzing away in their smoothie blender. They’re back open and ready for customers!

Make Ruby’s Bakery & Café your morning pit-stop with a grab ‘n go special

If you’re one of those (crazy) folks that enjoy a morning run, why not stop at Ruby’s Bakery & Café to refuel? They’re offering a breakfast pastry of your choice and iced-coffee for only R45.

Even if you don’t run, this special is still available for you as well! 

See you there!

Directions to Pepperclub Hotel
9 Pepper street
Cape Town
021 812 8888

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