5 Things I didn’t know about Zapper

Saving time is paramount in today’s fast paced world. Convenience and value for money follows closely. Now think of a mobile app that gives you all of this!

It took me quite a long time to move away from cash transactions but once I realised how much more convenient (and safer) it is to pay with card, I was sold. Zapper takes the next step. No cash. No waiting on card machines. A quick and simple scan of a QR code, and the payment is done. It’s that simple!

Zapper Nearby

Not all restaurants are making use of Zapper at the moment, but those that do are highlighted on the Zapper Nearby feature when you access the mobile app. It shows you the eateries closest to your location first, but by scrolling down or viewing the handy map-layout, you can discover restaurants all over Pretoria.

That’s how we decided on visiting Rick’s Cafe the last time I visited Cape Town and quickly reserved a table for our group. What followed was an evening of fun conversation and excellent food. We shared tapas to start, each of us ordered a few drinks and enjoyed a juicy steak, while receiving friendly service from our lovely waiter.

When the bill arrived at the end of our meal, we found a QR code right at the bottom that was directly linked to our specific bill. I scanned the code with the Zapper app, and was immediately directed to an overview of the bill amount to be paid including gratuity. All that was left to do was hit the pay button.

No waiting. No drama. It’s simple, quick, and convenient.

Activate Password for Security

To keep your payment details secure, you can set a password for all important actions on the app. Even if your phone gets stolen your card information can’t be accessed because everything is encrypted to give you peace of mind.

Once a payment has been completed successfully, you’ll receive three payment notifications: on the app, via e-mail and per sms. Another way to keep you aware of every transaction that is taking place.

Get Free Vouchers and Discounts

Looking at ‘value for money’, there is a huge amount of savings to be had when using the app as well. Several merchants on Zapper are currently offering great discounts whenever you make use of the app when paying. These range from R15 – R25 discounts, while some go as far as offering a 20% discount when paying with Zapper.

Download a Virtual Loyalty Card

You’ve been going to the same coffee shop for the past 3 weeks. With every order, you whip out your loyalty card eyeing the 10th free coffee. The day has finally arrived, but alas: the loyalty card has disappeared, nowhere to be found.

With Zapper, that’s a thing of the past. The app offers a large range of digital loyalty cards for your favourite restaurants. Free vouchers when reaching a certain total spend and rewards after ordering a specific number of items are all part of the deal when using Zapper.

Business or Pleasure

You can add up to six different bank cards to the Zapper app so that you are prepared for every occasion. Simply select your company credit card as a payment method when you are wining an dining an important client and switch back to your personal account when you are having drinks after work with your colleagues.

Split the Bill

Especially, when you eat out with a number of friends, waiting for the card machine to finally arrive can be a pain. Once again – Zapper comes to the rescue. Scan the QR code and edit the amount you have to pay as you see fit. The same goes for the gratuity. While this amount is calculated automatically, you can change it with a quick tap on the screen.

Written by Marvin Leugering

Founder of FoodBlogSA Media. B.Bus.Sc. - Marketing; M.Bus.Sc- Tourism. A career in destination marketing was calling but then my passion for food took over. Welcome to our restaurant marketing platform.

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