Named after the caviar, Osetra really is a case of “the right thing at the right time”. It has become our haven and we hope it can be that for you too.

Serendipity, destiny, cosmic consciousness, call it what you will, Osetra has opened its doors in KalkBay and is ready to welcome you the right way.

For the Main Menu, great care was taken in designing each dish, and although there is a definite Asian influence, all-time favourites are “perfected”, yet respected. The respect for the produce is evident throughout, and Osetra sources and procures their ingredients from like-minded purveyors of fine foods.

The restaurant boasts a Wine List that showcases some of South Africa’s finest wines, and what’s more, all wines are available by the glass to allow diners to taste and enjoy any wine as desired.

Open for brunch, lunch and dinner, the restaurant offers various menus. There is a full menu, a Sushi menu that is filled with favorites alongside rice free options that are truly moreish.

Feel at home and enjoy!

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Directions to Osetra Restaurant
112 Main Road
Kalk Bay
Cape Town
021 205 7592

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