Reward your Team with a Year-End Function at Hudsons Burger Joint

It’s coming to the end of the year and while people are gunning through the chaos that has suddenly reared its ugly head, in the back of their minds, they just really want a holiday.

We’ve all worked hard this year. It’s been a year of ups and downs, challenges and lessons learned. It’s been a year of trials and triumphs – hopefully more of the latter!

The only thing left to buzz about in the office is the possibility of a year-end function. You look forward to celebrating with colleagues or, if you’re a boss, giving back to your team that has worked so hard to get the company through the year. There’s just one problem. What do you do??

This is where Hudsons comes in.

The Hudsons Burger Joint has been the preferred destination for your favourite burgers and steaks. Always grilled and prepared to utter perfection, Hudsons never disappoints when it comes to quality and taste.

Choosing to have your year-end function at Hudsons means you get to select from one of these generous packages [full menus]:

  • The Baller Package – R5000 x 10 people; includes foods such as Hudsons burger sliders, jalapeno mac ‘n cheese balls, chicken strips and a variety of drinks for the table.
  • Soho Menu – two course menu for tables of 20 or more at R140 per person for starters and mains; served with bowls of fries on the table.
  • Slider menu – perfect for cocktail style parties; food is served on platters at R110 per person.
  • Brooklyn menu – starters and mains for R110 per person; foods such as pizza, burgers and nachos.  Add dessert at an extra R40 per head or a house salad at R30 per person.
  • Manhatten menu – three courses for R205 per person; for tables of 20 or more. Choose from foods like pizza, wings, steak, burgers and poppers.

Contact them today for more information or to book for your event.

Directions to Hudsons Burger Joint
C/O 4th and 14th
011 268 0713

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