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  • This is the Camemburger

    If you’re on diet, look away now. If you’re lactose intolerant, close this tab immediately. This is not a drill. This is not pretend. This is the Camemburger. ALRIGHT STOP, RECIPE TIME. Whatever you want to put on your burger is up to you. I did the following: Rocket, fresh tomato, caramelised and pickled red […] More

  • Joburg Prawn Festival 4 March

    Get ready to drool, the Joburg Prawn Festival is on the 4th March 2017. The new and improved Festival is at Turffontein Racecourse and is a fun day out for the whole family. Win 2x 1kg prawn vouchers! Turffontein Race Course is also hosting a great competition on their website at the moment, where they are […] More

  • Easy-Peasy-Kinda-Festive-Cupcakes with Oreo

    Let me set the scene. Oreo wanted us to create our very own festive-type holiday inspired recipe, incorporating their new brand Oreo Golden. Sounds great, hey? Yeah totally, except for a small problem…..I hate baking. I hate that there are so many rules. I hate that you can’t just add stuff and live like a […] More

  • Ooh Box Delivery Review

    Presents are the best. But waiting for your birthday to get one is no fun. That’s why we should buy them for ourselves. Ooh Box Delivery Review “Join and get boutique wines, artisanal delicacies and foodie must-haves delivered to your door for that once-a-month deserved spoil.” The OOH Box is a monthly national service that […] More

  • Enjoy fantastic offers with the Gautrain Summer Promotion

    December is over, but it does not mean that you can’t make the most of the rest of summer. The Gautrain and its partners are running an incredible promotion that will get you to exploring everything that Joburg has to offer. It works a little something like this: Buy a Gautrain card or load cash on […] More

  • Casalotti’s Pizza Club December

    While investigating this deliciousness, I leaned back in my chair and literally nearly fell off. It was embarrassing and awkward and awful for me, and wonderful for everyone else. Wisaal’s December Pizza Club creation is freaking magnificent. Mozzarella, prawns, rocket, chilli, garlic, red onion, tomato and coriander – on her suggestion of sour dough base. […] More

  • Casalotti’s Pizza of the Month for August

    A new month, a new pizza. Casalotti’s Pizza of the Month for August is just up my alley. With winter on its way out (kinda, sorta, let’s be hopeful here) we’re getting closer to summer. So, this month’s Pizza Club creation by Belinda of Creating Mountains Blog , is summer-friendly. It’s like a doughnut – […] More

  • Casalotti’s July Pizza Club

    EVERYONE STOP. STOP IMMEDIATELY. YOU ONLY HAVE A FEW DAYS TO GET THIS BAD BOY. STOP! Ok. I just wanted to tell you that the Casalotti’s July Pizza Club pizza at Casalotti’s is simple, sophisticated, and deliiiicious. Good job Alida Ryder – we would. Check them out on their website to find one in your hood. […] More

  • Casalotti’s June Pizza Club

    Another month, another pizza club from our friends at Casalotti’s! The blogger of the month is… da- da- da- daaaaaaa! Tamaryn Shepherd! You can check out her Instagram-machine here.  Anywhoooo, back to le pizza. This one is called The Big Boy. And I must be honest, as a non-pork eater, I can only assume that the Casalotti’s […] More

  • Fleur du Cap at the House and Leisure Rooftop Night Market

    Fleur du Cap at the House and Leisure Rooftop Night Market

    Markets are cool. Markets at night are cooler. Markets at night in the sky are the coolest. Join Fleur du Cap at the House and Leisure Rooftop Night Market at the Rosebank Mall Rooftop on Thursday and Friday, 28 – 29 May. The market showcases the best of Joburg food, drink and design, with over 60 stalls and […] More

  • Casalotti’s April Pizza Club

    My mouth is watering for Casalotti’s April Pizza Club offering. No really. I am drooling all over the show. This pizza by the lovely Joanne Lurie has me all tongue-tied. I WANT IT NOWWWWWWWW. If you’re feeling the same way as me, then get on down to Casalotti’s to get your mouth on this bad boy. […] More

  • Neill Anthony Private Chef Launches Sunday

    I am super judgey of South African television. Always have been, always will be. I often struggle with production values, with content, and with the over-the-top, happy-go-luck fake South African cheerfulness that we for some reason always perpetuate. People do realise that you can be happy without smiling all the time, right? So when I […] More