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  • When life gives you lemons, make a Monkey Shoulder Godfather Sour

    Always swaying towards the unconventional, Monkey Shoulder Scotch whisky invites you to stir up a Godfather Sour as winter draws to an end. Imagine the smooth, rich flavour of Monkey Shoulder mixed into a refreshing cocktail that’s also pretty simple to make. Of course, Monkey Shoulder Whisky, which has earned its place in the shakers […] More

  • Mix a Monkey Shoulder ‘Blazing Monkey’ for National Scotch Day

    Always leaning towards the unconventional with a playful attitude, Monkey Shoulder Scotch Whisky is bringing great scotch to a new generation! Celebrated annually on the 27th of July, Monkey Shoulder has crafted the Blazing Monkey Cocktail to commemorate National Scotch Day. It’s a day when Monkey Shoulder wants to recognise the craft that goes into the creation […] More

  • 10 Ways to get served quickly at a Bar

    We’ve all experienced the pain of standing at the bar, waiting to be served, and just being passed over for the person next to us and we just can’t understand why. Monkey Shoulder sheds some light on the occasion so to avoid standing in a long queue. It’s good to be patient, but it’s even better to […] More