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  • Win 6 delicious coffee blends with Tribe Coffee!

    At Tribe, coffee isn’t just coffee. It’s an experience. Journey all over the world with their array of blends that will have you travelling with just one sip. Having just recently undergone a complete packaging re-brand, the coffee packs now sport a funky new design that will already leave an impression before your first sip […] More

  • Spier Seaward Chardonnay is the perfect Pairing for this creamy Pasta Recipe

    Spier Wine Estate’s Seaward Chardonnay is making waves. The  lightly-wooded wine has aromas of ruby grapefruit, mango and citrus with undertones of raw almond and a creamy palate of fresh citrus and nectarine notes with vanilla on the finish. As with all good white wines, pair it with white meats, seafood and creamy pasta dishes […] More

  • Ooh Box Delivery Review

    Presents are the best. But waiting for your birthday to get one is no fun. That’s why we should buy them for ourselves. Ooh Box Delivery Review “Join and get boutique wines, artisanal delicacies and foodie must-haves delivered to your door for that once-a-month deserved spoil.” The OOH Box is a monthly national service that brings you […] More

  • Fleur du Cap Pomegranate Pickled Fish recipe

    OOOOH! I like delicious snacks. Especially delicious snacks that are a new tradition for me! Being a Jewish gal from Durban means that I never grew up with firstly, celebrating Easter, and secondly, in true Cape-style picked fish goodness. So thank you Fleur du Cap for introducing me to something new and for pairing it […] More

  • Fleur du Cap launches first Natural Light Rosé

    I love pressies. I especially love pressies that are wine. I ESPECIALLY love pressies that are delicious wine. So this bottle of brand new Fleur du Cap Naturally Light Rosé that they sent for Women’s Day, has made me very happy. While it will be perfect for a summer’s day, it’s pretty cool on a […] More

  • Natura Sugars a South African First + Competition

    I must be honest, I don’t have a sweet tooth and I really don’t like baking – so I have never really cared about sugar. One is brown and one is white, they obviously taste quite different, but whatevs. Who cares? Well, Natura Sugars do. And rightfully so, because since I spoke with them just after […] More

  • Buy rare Fleur du Cap wines online at the Vinotèque

    Buy rare Fleur du Cap wines online at the Vinotèque

    It’s time to buy rare Fleur du Cap wines online at the Vinotèque Wine lovers looking for older Fleur du Cap vintages, magnums, award winners and flagship wines, can now find these rare selections online along with the entire range at the Vinotèque, the premium E-Commerce wine shop based in Stellenbosch. This makes Fleur du Cap […] More

  • Credé Oil Review and Competition

    Oil. How many types do you know? Olive oil, sunflower oil… car oil? Another question, how versatile is each variety? And how healthy is it for you? And what is its best use? AND WHAT SHOULD YOU BE USING? Ohhh my word, so mannnyyy questtttiooonssss. Historically, a wide variety of natural oils were used in health, […] More

  • Wonderbag Review

    Thanks to the awesome people at PromoteCommunication, we were able to test out a marvelous product called Wonderbag. It was created for developing countries where there is limited access to electricity (*cough *cough Eskom) and water in order to help the rural communities provide nutritional meals to their families. Please watch the video below; it […] More

  • Savanna Dry Angry Lemon

    I am mad with my fridge. The other day I received a package to try the Limited Edition Savanna Dry Angry Lemon. I have this little cooler drawer thingy in my fridge and I put the drinks in there to chill, and totally forgot about them. Because of my dumb fridge (I realise that I’m shifting […] More

  • 4th Street Wine

    “Kayli, what are those on your desk?” “I dunno” “Have you tasted them yet?” “No, I’m scared” “Why?” “Because they look like fun… and hangover” Just after they first went to market, I was sent a whole bunch of 4th Street Wine 300ml bottles. As pretty as they are, I kinda just stared at them […] More

  • The Green Smoothie Company

    “Hi Kayli, we’d like you to try our smoothies” “I like smoothies” “Cool, we’ll deliver them to you” “I like delivered things” “Great, they’re very healthy” “AM I GOING TO BE A SKINNY MALINKY LONG LEGS?” “Uhh, it can help” “Sign me up” I recently reviewed 100% natural RAW Green Smoothies from The Green Smoothie Company. I […] More