Get the Taste of Choo Choo Junction at Home

Bringing flavour to you.

Choo Choo Junction is known for epic pub meals in generous portions, flavourful Taste Destination evenings with cuisines from around the world, and an all-round good vibe for after-work, pre-dinner or just for fun drinks. No matter the occasion, their gastro-pub burgers, grills, pizza, salads and desserts will rise to it.

Enjoy Choo Choo Junction at home to help #FlattentheCurve! 

If you’re staying away from crowds but craving your favourite Choo Choo meal, you can now order their compartment box loaded with all the tastes of the Choo Choo home – at your own home. If you live within a 3km radius, they will deliver; otherwise you can call and collect.

Make sure to continue supporting your local businesses!

Directions to Choo Choo Junction
57, 4th Avenue
072 910 3000

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