Black Friday Deals from Montagu Snacks!

Enjoy fantastic value for money on the Montagu Snacks online store this Black Friday!

Sometimes you just need a nibble. Conveniently packaged, well portioned snacks that fuel your body for a busy day and always provide the nutrients you need are what you can get from Montagu Snacks. Whether it’s for the kids or the grown-ups, everyone loves some Montagu snacks!

Join the fun this Black Friday to get great value for money!

Enjoy a 3 for 2 deal where you receive the cheapest box free including free delivery for your entire order. This special is only available for online orders. Ts&Cs apply.

Take advantage of this Black Friday promotion and place your order on their online store!

FUNTestic Snack Box


Try Montagu’s range of new products in the Montagu FUNTestic box – a whopping 27 products.

Lifestyle Range x 6
Fruit Swirls x 4
Mango Bites x 4
Fruit Flakes x 6
Sour Wiggles  x 3
Peanuts x 4

School Snack Box


Keep the kiddies going through the school day with the Montagu school snack box:

Sour Wiggle Apple
Sour Wiggles Lemon
Sour Wiggles Cherry
Beef D/wors Original 40g vp x 3
Beef biltong Orginal sliced 25g single x 3
Peanuts & Raisins 50g x 2
Almonds Raw 50g x 2
Cashew W320 Roasted and Sated 50g x 2
Mango Bites Berry blaze
Mango Bites Coconut Butter
Flavoured Roasted Peanuts smokehouse BBQ x 2
High Energy Mix
Brain Food Blend
Caramel Coated Popcorn
Fruit Swirls Strawberry
Fruit Swirls Blackcurrant
Fruit Flakes Mixed Berry
Fruit Flakes Apple
Flaki Fruit Choice Grade x 2
Chocolate Coated Peanuts x 2

Office Snack Box


Is the office driving you nuts? Keep your sanity in check and get more done with the Montagu office snack box. Plus the first 50 orders get a complimentary box of Carrol Boyes chocolates.

Immune Support Mix
Heart Friendly Mix
Mango Bites Berry Blaze
Mango Bites Coconut Butter
Cranberry 50g
Low GI Mix
Almonds RAW 50g
Montagu Mix 50g x 2
Banana Chips Honey 100g
Jungle Mix 100g
Mixed Nuts Roasted and salted 50g x 2
Beef Snap Sticks Chutney 40g x 2
Beef d/wors org v/p 50g x 2
Flavoured Roasted Peanuts Smokehouse BBQ
Fruit Swirls Mango
Fruit Flakes Peach
Cashews Roasted & Salted 5

Trail Snack Box


If you’re an avid runner or cycler, or just love the outdoors and a fun hike, the Montagu Trail snack box is perfect. It’s packed with 19 snacks, plus you’ll get a free pair of Dirt Addis socks!

Lifestyle High Energy Snack 1 x 100g
Lifestyle Low GI Mix 1 x 100g
Jungle Mix 1 x 100g
Nut, Raisin, Berry & Seed Mix 1 x 100g
Flavoured Roasted Peanuts Smokehouse BBQ 2 x 50g
Flaki Fruit Choice Grade 1 x 100g
Cashew W320 Roasted & Salted 2 x 50g
Mixed Nuts Roasted & Salted 2 x 50g
Hawaiian Mix 1 x 100g
Mango Bites Berry Blaze 1 x 50g
Mango Bites Coconut Butter 1 x 50g
Pumpkin Seeds 1 x 200g
Pitted Sayer Dates Choice Grade 1 x 250g
Pecan nuts Whole Halves 2 x 100g
Banana Chips Honey Flavoured 1 x 100g

Braai Snack Box


Getting the choms around for a braai? Buy the Montague braai snack box and stand a chance to win 6 bottles of Diemersfontein wines to keep the party going.

Beef Shredded Biltong 80g V/P
Beef D/Wors Orig. 80g V/P
Beef Snapsticks Chutney 40g V/P
Beef Snapsticks Original 40g V/P
Peanuts and Raisins Mix – 450g
Roasted Corn – Chutney Flavoured – 250g
Mixed Tree Nuts Roasted & Salted –  100g
Cashews – Peri Peri Flavoured – 100g
Peanuts Roasted – Spicy BBQ Flavoured150g x 2
Mango Strips – Choice Grade100g
Peanuts Roasted – Jalapeno Flavoured 150g

Take advantage of this Black Friday promotion and place your order on their online store!


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