Back yourself up with a Hendrick’s Gin Buck

Oh what a time to be alive!

How lucky we are that it’s socially acceptable to have a summery gin beverage before five o’clock! Those unfortunate souls that live on planets without such privileges have miserable luck…

The Buck stops here. When the sun is scorching hot, chances are you’ll want nothing more than a chilled glass of something delicious to indulge in and cool you down, and Hendrick’s has just the thing.

Known for its unique botanicals, Hendrick’s Gin sensorial adventure continues to delve deeper into it’s signature of peculiarity with the next botanical in the story, yarrow. Yarrow can represent both war and healing.

In East Anglia in England, yarrow leaf was used to tickle the inside of the nose while the following lines were spoken, “Yarroway, yarroway, bear a white blow; if my love love me, my nose will bleed now”. Romantically lucky ticklers would be rewarded with a nosebleed.

Nosebleeds aside, prepare to feel a smidgeon better cultivated and an imperial ton more befuddled by the absurd abilities of your very own senses, as you indulge in the Hendrick’s Gin Buck. This tipple is made up of Hendrick’s, lemon juice, ginger ale, and Angostura bitters. We’re surely nearing the end of the year and making sure we are going out on a high note – with or without a nosebleed.



50ml Hendrick’s Gin

15ml lemon juice

3 parts ginger ale

2 dashes Angostura bitters

3 thinly sliced rounds of cucumber

1 lemon twist


Combine all the ingredients in a highball filled with cubed ice. Lightly stir and serve. Garnish with 3 thinly sliced rounds of cucumber and a lemon twist.

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