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  1. Hi Food Blog Durban

    I trust you’re well?

    Each year, the Fry’s Family Food Company hosts an Annual Green Meeting (AGM), styled as a vegan and vegetarian foodie festival around South Africa.

    This year it is to be held in Durban on the 28th of July and we’d love to have you part of this great day. If you’re interested in attending this event, please RSVP for yourself and your partner.

    One major campaign objective is to create awareness around meat free nutrition and the importance of lifestyle knowledge sharing with the public. We hope this can inspiring change in us as well as among the general public.

    With that said, could you kindly send us your details for a special package delivery, that should be at your doorstep in the next few days.

    – Your Name & Surname
    – Contact details (Preferably Cell Number)
    – Physical address (Where packaging should be delivered)
    – Date you’ll be at the address
    – Will you be able to attend this event? (Please RSVP with your partners name)

    We look forward to hearing from you.

    Kind Regards,
    Nelo Mohlamonyane

  2. Hi,

    My name is Shakira. I am the manager of Freedom Cafe. Please note Freedom Cafe is under new ownership – menus have changed and we no longer serve alcohol .May i kindly request that you remove the post and menus from your site . You can get in contact with me to discuss the way forward where we can give you updated menus and info. you require.

    Thanking you in advance

  3. Hi, me and my extended family will be spending the Festive Season at The Knoll Historical farm, as I am new to the area, I was hoping to get a recommendation for Christmas Lunch.
    We will be 8 adults and 3 kids in total for the sitting; and are a happy relaxed family with young kids that like to play.

    Could you please assist me with a restaurant or bistro you recommend we book for lunch on the 25th?

  4. Hi there,

    I know businesses are trying to cut costs right now. Hosting your site can sometimes be expensive.

    Would you be interested in paying less than you currently are?



  5. Hi, I live in Durban. I wish to enquire if I can register my daughter who has learning special need for basic cooking classes.

    Thank you.


  6. Hi & hope all is ok with you. It feels a little like SA today here at home in middle England. I hope you don’t mind me messaging you but I am after some help/support. Last year we launched world bunnychow day and its running again this year. I would like to ask if you would get involved? The aim of the day is to promote SA/Durban/KZN through the bunnychow. I would love you to contribute in the build up. Maybe share a recipe, tips for home cooking, recommend the best places to eat a bunnychow? I am asking/approaching a small group to ask the same question. The aim is to really push this through Twitter & Facebook using #worldbunnychowday. Any questions/thoughts/ideas are always welcome. Look forward to news & your time is very much appreciated. Best Regards, Mark

  7. Dalmanuta is a small personal hotel with nine spacious bungalows. Dalmanuta offers a first class Ayurveda treatment without being dogmatic. Pancha Karma-, detox purification-, weight loss- and palliative treatments are offered as well as a wide range of massage treatments.

    There is a boat service for guests twice a day from Dalmanuta to the beach. In the large garden one can find many different wild animals such as Monkeys, Varanas, Leguanas, Squirrels, Mungos and a big variety of exotic birds.

    Dalmanuta features a rare Herbal Garden with more than 200 different kinds of Herbal medicine plants. Free Wi Fi covers the entire area.

    more details: https://dalmanuta.lk/

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