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  • The Normal Burger by Kauai – super cheeky, super delicious.

    The Normal Burger by Kauai is a super cheeky, super delicious, super healthy way to satisfy every burger craving. Goodbye highly processed meats, excess salt and sugar, and crazy preservatives, flavourants and colourants. Hello to a made fresh to order burger made with natural ingredients that’s actually good for you. The Normal Burger, born in […] More

  • Great Value Meals at Pedros Flame Grilled Chicken

    Mzansi’s Tastiest! Chicken and chips – the perfect pairing at Pedros Flame Grilled Chicken. Whether you like it mild or hot, lemony or herby, a succulent, flame grilled chicken with just-the-right-amount-of-crispy chips with a secret sprinkle is sure to delight all the senses. Pedros Flame Grilled Chicken offers your favourite laid-back meals with full/half/quarter quicken […] More

  • Lunching at Big Easy Wine Bar & Grill

    Situated inside the Hilton Durban Hotel, the Big Easy Wine Bar & Grill is inspired by Ernie Els’ sporting passion and love for his country offering not only his favourite food, supporting local suppliers is also of huge importance. As one enters the restaurant, a wall displaying the golfer’s most memorable moments as well as […] More

  • Ooh Box Delivery Review

    Presents are the best. But waiting for your birthday to get one is no fun. That’s why we should buy them for ourselves. Ooh Box Delivery Review “Join and get boutique wines, artisanal delicacies and foodie must-haves delivered to your door for that once-a-month deserved spoil.” The OOH Box is a monthly national service that […] More

  • 4th Street Wine

    “Kayli, what are those on your desk?” “I dunno” “Have you tasted them yet?” “No, I’m scared” “Why?” “Because they look like fun… and hangover” Just after they first went to market, I was sent a whole bunch of 4th Street Wine 300ml bottles. As pretty as they are, I kinda just stared at them […] More

  • Ron Zacapa Launch

    “Hi, we’d like to invite you to the Ron Zacapa launch!” “Ron Za-who-ha?” “Ron Zacapa!” “Oh, ok cool, I love clothes!” “No, no no… It’s a type of rum.” “Lies” “It’s from Guatemala” “Lies.” “Just come to the launch” “Mkay” I toddled into Kloof Street House with zero expectation. I read that it was a […] More

  • Birthday Celebrations at Lupa Osteria

    Lupa Osteria, based in Hillcrest, is a pleasant and warm Italian themed restaurant. It has a surprisingly homely feel for such a large space and contains some nice touches. These include the visible dough making area as you walk in, a processing area where the various cold meats are sliced, as well as two big […] More

  • Craft Trattoria Review

    Durban. The land of eternal summer. Warm seas, bright skies. My hometown. Boy, was I glad to leave the “city of bland” for Cape Town when I was 18. I go back twice a year to see my family, and in recent years things seem to have been stirring. There are actually new places to […] More