It all started in 1999, when two passionate entrepreneurs formulated a winning recipe for success. Their vision – to consistently create delicious, quality food & offer exceptional service & value for money – backed by an innovative approach to hospitality. Skillfully combining a blend of entrepreneurial vision, good business sense and passion for food and people, Peter Castle and Francesco Zanasi cooked up an ambitious idea – the Primi World Business Venture – and they’ve never looked back!

Now a leading local and global brand, PRIMI’s reputation and reach continue to grow, infused with a secret ingredient which Peter and Francesco call URBAN ENERGY.

And it’s evident in every aspect of the brand, from well-trained & enthused front of house staff, sourcing of premium ingredients, healthy food preparation, quality restaurant décor and uplifting design. It is so much a part of PRIMI philosophy that “work is love made visible” Khalil Gibran, is emblazoned across the backs of bright orange uniforms worn by staff.

Francesco Zanasi elaborates further on this positive sentiment, “When I cook for my family it is the best way I know of showing I love them. I do it in anticipation of gasps of delight; I do it in anticipation of them showering me with compliments about the taste while their mouths are full of food. Most importantly, I want what I cook to be healthy for them. So when PRIMI set out to create a new menu, the thinking was simple. Create a menu with exactly the same intent! We have created healthy, tasty dishes prepared and served in the same way that we would at home. This is our expression of love to you.” Francesco Zanasi, co-founder of PRIMI.

The PRIMI Restaurants concept has branched out into 3 distinct variants making the PRIMI eating experience accessible to as many people as possible. True to PRIMI’s core philosophy of transparency & integrity, all kitchens are openly displayed & easy for you to see what’s cooking. Design is based around ease of flow from kitchen to your table, ensuring you enjoy a full comfort experience.

Our food is fresh & fast, comforting & healthy with all menu items freshly prepared from scratch using only the finest sourced ingredients. With double-zero grade pizza flour & premium pasta imported from Italy, gluten & wheat free options are available. Free range chicken & eggs, free range burgers, market fresh fruit & veg and the list of premium ingredients goes on. Whether its sit down or quick service take-out, PRIMI is geared to produce wholesome comfort meals pronto!

The food is inspired by Italian tradition but influenced by the cosmopolitan present with traditional & gourmet offerings all done healthy with the finest sourced ingredients. The meals are prepared with the healthier options of preparation; with ingredients lightly sautéed, seared, grilled, cooked al dente & burgers iron-pressed ensuring that the natural flavors & integrity of the ingredients are prominent.

Built around customer-centricity and positive customer experience, the restaurant design is orientated around ease of flow, and open kitchens for you to see what’s cooking. Décor is an eclectic mix of comfort & unpretentious style. Comfortable, but still sexy enough to sip on that cocktail & love your dining experience.

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Written by Marvin Leugering

Founder of FoodBlogSA Media. B.Bus.Sc. - Marketing; M.Bus.Sc- Tourism. A career in destination marketing was calling but then my passion for food took over. Welcome to our restaurant marketing platform.

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