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    Burger Challenge at Burger Bistro Hazelwood

    Do you have what it takes to finish Mike? Tackle this monster of a burger with 5 x 200g Pure Beef Patties, Cheddar, Bacon, Chips and a 500ml Draught or Milkshake for R199.50. As an incentive, finish Mike in 30 minutes and you get to keep your Limited Edition Burger Bistro Knife. As a benchmark, […]

  • PRIMI launches new Breakfast Menu

    ​ There’s something about eating out for breakfast, whether it’s a breakfast meeting or catching up with friends on the weekend. It’s a treat without being extravagant, a time when you want something sustaining, comforting and not too fussy, nutritious enough to get you through the day. PRIMI’s newly launched breakfast menu fits the bill […]

  • GRAB-N-GO lunches with Lunchkins

    Convenient and simple for all lifestyles! Whether your goals are to slim down, bulk up, have kids lunch sorted or just maintain, our pre-packed snack packs are packed with all the goodness to help you out. Grab one of Lunchkins’ pre-packed snack bags and add something fresh. What you see is what you get. With […]

  • Book your Year-End Function at CTFM

    Spring has sprung and the end of year is approaching fast! Have you thought about your year-end function yet? Book your year-end function at Cape Town Fish Market, as they’ve got a great selection of set menu options and the perfect venue to celebrate the end of another busy year. Standard Set Menu Premium Set […]

  • A Little Bittah Reyka this October

    Skál! That is Icelandic for Cheers! We hope you’ll be rasing your glass today in celebration of Vodka Day with the vodka proudly made with the help of volcanoes – Reyka Vodka. Reyka holds true to the saying ‘the simple things in life are the best’ with the ‘Little Bit of Bittah’ cocktail, that goes back […]

  • 5 Things I didn’t know about Zapper

    Saving time is paramount in today’s fast paced world. Convenience and value for money follows closely. Now think of a mobile app that gives you all of this! It took me quite a long time to move away from cash transactions but once I realised how much more convenient (and safer) it is to pay […]

  • Sugarbird Fynbos Gin – get it funded on Thundafund!

    Need a shot of inspiration? Discover how a new affordable and accessible gin aimed at creative go-getters is hoping to give flight to the entrepreneurial spirit in others by tapping into the collective support of inspired and proud South Africans. There’s a new gin perched on the craft beverage tree. Sugarbird Gin is the manifestation […]

  • Iceland’s Award Winning Reyka Vodka Now Available in South Africa

    Living in a place like Iceland, gives one an interesting view of the world. It’s a beautiful place, but it’s also rugged and provocative. It requires its people to live creatively and take an inventive approach. And so when it comes to making vodka, Reyka followed this path. You can see it in their unique […]

  • Truth Coffee is looking to fund Brew Bar on Thundafund

    Truth Coffee is fundamentally changing the nature of a coffeeshop experience. You don’t need to look at a menu, order a coffee, or rush your visit. Instead, you will buy time with a world-class barista. Don’t just receive a finished product, learn and appreciate the full process, from bean to cup. Fund the project on […]

  • The Counter’s Rocky Road Bars Recipe

    Do you love The Counter? Over the past few years, The Counter has grown immensely and their products can now be found all over Johannesburg at various markets selling their delicious home made sweets. One of their favourite products are their Rocky Road and Meg from The Counter was kind enough to make the video available […]