Why use INFERNO Charcoal Ovens?

Inferno Charcoal Ovens are designed and hand-crafted in Cape Town.

The ovens are suitable for both commercial and domestic use allowing our customers to enjoy its versatility from grilling, roasting, baking and smoking. [info sheet]

The Inferno Ovens have a unique side-opening door which makes service and opening easier and offer one of the largest cooking areas in the industry even though the oven takes up very little space in the kitchen.

  • The cooking temperature can be set to anywhere from 100°C to 500°C by using the build-in airflow regulator allowing every type of cooking, from baking to roasting to slow roasting to grilling.

Unlike other charcoal ovens on the market INFERNO OVEN can be fuelled with wood, instead of charcoal, for an extra smoky flavour. Further features include:

  • Quick turnaround – cooks 40% faster than an open grill.
  • Versatile – Meat, fish, chicken, seafood, vegetables, bread, pizzas, desserts…
  • Unique ‘tall’ design gives chefs opportunity of cooking with a vast range of temperatures.
  • Strong and robust – designed and handcrafted in South Africa.
  • Compact design – easily fits in any kitchen.
  • Easy to use, clean and maintain.
  • Available with bespoke enamelled colour finish.
  • Competitive price.
  • Worldwide distribution.

Inferno Charcoal Oven can achieve heats of 300°C + in as little as 25 minutes.This means that steaks and pizzas take just a couple of minutes, flatbreads and vegetables less than 60 seconds and whole ducks or 1kg chickens can be roasted in 20 minutes.

The engineering of the Inferno charcoal oven means that heat has four ways of getting into your food via convection, conduction, radiation and direct heat. Unlike gas grills which only use direct heat; the FULLY INSULATED walls of the Inferno Charcoal Oven radiate heat from the embers, which creates an even, intense heat-source that locks-in and enhances moisture and flavour.

Although the inferno`s chamber gets extremely hot, the fully insulated door and walls means that the heat doesn’t escape out into the kitchen, which makes the Inferno a far more pleasant kitchen companion than other charcoal ovens or open grills in the market.

Inferno charcoal oven’s design makes it the most economical on CHARCOAL consumption on the market. The FULLY insulation and chamber dimensions means that it is possible to run a full service on only 3 – 5kg of charcoal – that’s about 5$ per service (using Premium Restaurant Charcoal) – 40% less charcoal consumption than an open charcoal grill.

The size, weight and rust-proof outer also makes Inferno Charcoal Ovens the perfect choice for food trucks and mobile catering – the perfect solution for outdoor kitchens, pop-ups, festivals, weddings and any outdoor dining events.

Handcrafted using top quality and food safe components. The only part that would need some attention in the future would be the hinge pin on the door, which may need to be replaced occasionally due to normal wear and tear.

Visit the INFERNO website to find more info!

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