Warm up with a Reyka Vodka Cocktail

Reyka vodka have unveiled a recipe for their New Earth cocktail, the ideal drink for a cold winter’s night!

A product of the Icelandic town of Borgarnes, Reyka Vodka makes the most of Iceland’s resources to give it its smooth taste and silky finish. Using nearby glacier spring water and lava rocks as a natural filtration system, their vodka truly celebrates the land of fire and ice.

Iceland’s volcanic core creates a myriad of hot springs and its natural water filtration system creates some of the world’s best water. It’s really this water that makes Reyka Vodka so special, a liquid so pure you could enjoy it straight, or make cocktails with it and sip the frosty season away!

Incorporating pineapple syrup and lime, the ‘New Earth’ Cocktail is what you need for an evening of cosy sophistication.



2 Parts Reyka Vodka

¾ part Small Hand Foods Pineapple Gum Syrup

1 Part Lime Juice

5 Cilantro Sprigs /coriander

Orange peel



  1. Add the pineapple, lime juice and cilantro sprigs to a cocktail shaker, and muddle to combine.
  2. Fill a cocktail shaker with ice, and top with the vodka.
  3. Shake and strain into a Montelobos Mezcal-rinsed (optional) coupe.
  4. Garnish with an orange peel and cilantro sprig.

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