Thursday is Pizza Delivery Day at Kunjani Wine Estate

Most days all we want is pizza.

Kunjani Wine Estate is a smorgasbord of colour, flavour and culture. They delight the senses with African hospitality and German precision – so you know that everything is absolutely perfect, from the accommodation to the wine to the delicious mouthfuls you take in their restaurant. Their restaurant and its food that we miss so much.

Thursday is pizza delivery day with Kunjani Wine Estate

Kunjani’s delivery menu would not be complete without some cheesy pizza. Choose from one of four tasty options, including a vegetarian option, with toppings such as chenin blanc soaked onion, brie, ham, bacon, rocket, goat’s cheese and piquante peppers.

Delivery is between 4pm and 6pm. They deliver within a 20kg radius from Devonvale Golf Estate and charge R50 for orders under R500.

Email or call them before 4pm on Thursdays to order –

Directions to Kunjani

Farm 90

20 Blumberg Drive


087 630 0409

R99 Specials for Delivery from Blowfish Restaurant

Delicious Delivery Menu from Kunjani Wine Estate