Chef and co-owner Phillip Myburgh has travelled around the world, including local yard sales and alleys harvesting most of the decor you see at The Salt Yard.

The space’s homey setting, as well as idiosyncratic attention to detail, is home made with purposely oxidized and weathered candle holders. Using a special painting technique and specifically letting the copper texture come through in other areas too such as the overhead beams, they really have created the impression that the salt of the earth has made it’s home here, nestled in the charm of Little Mowbray.

Together with its patrons, The Salt Yard provides an experience that is very authentic and you’re guaranteed to find intriguing conversation in every corner of the restaurant and it appeals to people’s penchant for community and belonging as it offers something for everyone to enjoy.

The Salt Yard’s unique and overall entertaining atmosphere makes for a quirky culinary utopia perfect for guests to escape to.

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Directions to The Salt Yard
2 Landseer Road
021 685 0307

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