The Rainforest Cafe

Each Rainforest Cafe is decorated with features of a generic rainforest, including mist, waterfalls and animatronic robots of animals and insects. Large aquariums with fish are also common in most restaurants. A simulated thunderstorm occurs every 30 minutes with rain and flashing lights as lightning and powerfull subwoofers for awesome thunder-effects. I want to eat here, just to experience that! Too bad it’s not available in South Africa. The ceiling is also designed to have a stunning view of the night-sky. They’ve also got a gift shop and an information center on rainforests.

They serve food ranging from seafood, chicken, beef and pasta to pizza. The rainforest cafe also has an award winning crab dip on their menu. And there is also a tradition of yelling “Volcano” whenever someone orders a volcano sundae. The staff at the Rainforest Cafe are named according to the consistent safari theme. There are Safari Guides (servers), Tour Guides (Hostesses), Pathfinders (Retail Sales Associates), Navigators (Bartenders) and Trailblazers (Kitchen Staff).

I like it, I like it a lot! Why can’t restaurants here in SA try something like this? Spur might come the closest!

The Rainforest Official Website


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