The perfect Pub

I hate queuing; I hate it so very much. It already starts every morning when I’m stuck in traffic to get to UCT; then it continues having to wait for parking and as my lectures end I am again forced to wait in a long queue of cars because of never-ending road-works on the M5. Before heading home, I think to myself: I deserve a cold one! I drive into Edward Street and head to the nearest bar and… I have to wait again to be served. Have I mentioned how much I hate waiting!?

But I have a solution and I call it the perfect pub!

Imagine a world where you don’t have to wait at the bar to be served. Imagine a world where you can actually serve your favourite beer yourself. The founder of TableTap must have had the same problems as me and he decided to set things right! No longer would one have to wait for the well-deserved cold beer. The solution: Table Tap

The perfect Pub

A tap (or several) are located at each table, which allows guests to pour beer at their own leisure. The amount dispensed is displayed on a meter at the table, as well as recorded on the proprietor’s database to monitor sales and consumption by hour, day, month and table. The TableTab is designed and built for each specific venue. So pricing will vary depending on your needs. The first bar to install this system paid USD 110,000, excluding a monthly fee for maintenance and software licensing. While the upfront costs may be considered as high, customers are more likely to consume more beer because of the ease of drinks purchase. Combine this with lower costs for wait staff and this could turn out to be a profitable addition to bars seeking to stand out from the competition. They even developed a calculator to determine how much money a restaurant will be able save!

Too bad this is only available in the UK and the USA! Anyone in SA willing to give this a try? Please.

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