The edible Landscape – getting to know, grow and use it with Loubie Rusch & African Relish

Join a weekend masterclass at African Relish Recreational Cooking School from Dec 10 – 12 2021.

African Relish is thrilled to host Loubie at their Karoo based venue in Prince Albert. Experienced indigenous landscape designer and indigenous foods innovator, Loubie Rusch, aka @makingkos and founder of Local WILD, started her wild foods journey as a forager. It was the only way to get hold of ingredients.

Though hunting and gathering had been how our forgotten foods were accessed for millennia, re-integrating them into our modern lives needs us to explore more sustainable ways of access as interest in them begins to soar.

Join African Relish for a weekend of exploring our forgotten local indigenous edibles, getting to know, grow and use them with Loubie Rusch.

  • Learn about the importance of growing edible indigenous plants and eating local.
  • Discover garden plants you already know have parts you didn’t know you can eat.
  • You’ll find out about others you will want to add to your garden, and of course we will cook together with several of them over the course of the weekend.
  • You’ll be using Loubies’ latest book Cape Wild Food: A Growers Guide.

The course happens over 3 days and includes 4 cooking sessions plus a Ghost Walk with Ailsa Tudhope; visit for a cheese tasting and to shop at Gay’s Guernsey Dairy, a foraging outing to Dr Brett Bard, organic farmer at Tortoiseback Haven with a picnic and a Sunday morning walk with Dr Sue Dean botanist on her nature reserve in the succulent Karoo with a visit to her nursery Renu-Karoo.

African Relish is a recreational cooking school, deli and eatery with accommodation in the Karoo town of Prince Albert. The school turns 13 in 2021 and they bring guests to the Karoo to experience the region’s food and hospitality. African Relish is a hub of regional food knowledge for both local and foreign guests. The grounds include an olive grove and vegetable, herb and flower beds for foraging. Guests get to explore Prince Albert through a foodie culture visiting various producers and improving their cooking techniques in our kitchen. Prince Albert and the African Relish gardens are a
welcome retreat from city life and business.

Along with the resident local chefs who give various half or full day cooking classes they regularly invite South African chefs to conduct weekend courses in their chosen disciplines.

Please call Virna for more information on 0725828749
You can also find more information on their website!

P.S.: Photo of Loubie Rusch provided by Dimitri Otis.

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