Tasty Blackboard Specials at Ben’s on the Beach Grill

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Ben’s on the Beach Grill will dish the goods on delicious salads, casseroles, pork belly, classic burgers and steaks and some very English pork bangers and mash. Go Greek with some deep fried mozzarella, fresh seafood and indulgent dessert options.

Always ready to impress, Ben’s on the Beach Grill is setting the standard again with a new round of specials, so make sure you get down there soon to enjoy delicious food at great value:

  • Grilled halloumi cheese starter R58
  • Grilled/ Cajun Yellowtail R175
  • Beef Cordon Bleu R169
  • Ben’s style kassler steaks R150
  • Lamb Moussaka R155
  • Apple crumble and toffee sauce R59
  • Salted caramel mousse R65

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Directions to Ben’s on the Beach Grill
142 Beach road
021 853 7977

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