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If you are looking for a more ‘upper-class’ event spent over some desert and food platters, then you should be at a Cape Winelands restaurant having a high tea. The beautiful area offers many scenic vineyards to look at, as well as to visit. After your high tea at a Cape Winelands restaurant you can take your friends to various vineyards and take part in some wine tastings.

High Tea Restaurants Cape Winelands

After a classy and sophisticated event, you can test your taste buds and sense of smell as you sample some of the best wine in the country and try to distinguish what flavours you are picking up in the wine. And if you aren’t the best connoisseur, then just drinking good wine will be lovely.

Hosting a high tea at a restaurant in the Cape Winelands is definitely something you should do. Get yourself a booking and take a day off to spend with friends in the lovely area.

High Tea Cape Winelands Restaurants