Sushi & Dim Sum for Delivery with Akiya Sushi around Century City

Let’s fix that sushi craving!

Akiya Sushi will start with their delivery service around the Century City area starting Monday, 4th May 2020.

  • Delivery Times: approximately 13:00 pm – 18:00 pm + Monday – Saturday.
  • Delivering to the following Complexes: Island Club, Oasis, Century View, Villa Italia, Mayfair, Manhattan Quarter and Corner, Knightsbridge, Bougain Villas, Ashton Park, Terraces


  1. Add the following number to your WhatsApp contacts: 0825303795 . Send Akiya Sushi a message and they will send you the take-away menu.
  2. Place order ONE DAY IN ADVANCE , list your name, name of complex and unit number and preferred delivery time (13:00 or 18:00)
  3. They will send you confirmation of receipt of your order with cost and banking details. Please pay by EFT and send the POP by WhatsApp.
  4. The next day Akiya Sushi will deliver at the allocated time to your complex and send you a message to confirm delivery. .

The team will compile an ‘ Akiya Sushi Guests’ distribution list on Whatsapp. If you’d like to get updates on promotions in time for your next order, please let them know and they will add your details to the WhatsApp list.

Place your orders for first deliveries on Monday, 4th May 2020. #lockdown @ Akiya Sushi!

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