Gin & Sorbet Pairings at The Westin Cape Town

Start the weekend early.

The Westin Cape Town’s corporate business interior invites you to bring you’re A-game and achieve your goals – but not only in business. We have fitness goals, holiday goals and food goals – and they help us achieve them all with their gymming facilities and Thirty7 Show Kitchen and LouisB’s Bar & Lounge.

Say good-bye to the sun in true cosmopolitan style at The Westin Cape Town’s Summer Sessions

Every Thursday in February from 16:30-19:30, LouisB’s Bar & Lounge kicks the weekend into early high gear with live music, and gin and sorbet pairings.

Hello weekend! See you there.

Directions to The Westin Cape Town

Convention Square

Lower Long street

Cape Town

021 412 9999

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