Summer Delights & Drinks at The Station on Bree Street

Imagine going to the London train station and being able to get a delicious three course meal, a friendly waiter and cocktails! Well in Cape Town, it is possible.

Set in the ever so beautiful and vibey Upper Bree Street, you guys have to take some time and visit Station on Bree. Coupled with my partner, we took a trip down to The Station on a wonderful but windy Cape Town afternoon. Greeted by the manager and attended to by the friendliest waiter, we were led to our table.

Looking around the restaurant, the interior definitely makes patrons feel as if they have stepped into the train station and are waiting for the next available train!

I’m talking an underground level, a map with the different train stops, even the voice you hear at the station that announces delays and train times! With outside seating and even a DJ booth, Station on Bree sure knows what they are doing.

We received our menus and a couple of minutes after that, we got the question. You know that important question, the “Anything to drink” question. So naturally, and because they have this amazing gin bar, my partner and I opted for the good ol’ gin & tonic!


Then for starters, I ordered the Chilli Mustard Beef slices and my partner went with the Chorizo Sausage slices which sat on a bed of salsa and guacamole.

First of all, the presentation, oh man! They did that! It was like two dishes out of a magazine. My dish was made up of perfectly flame grilled rump slices, smothered in a tangy mustard and topped with fresh chilli. A serious yum! Then on the side cute slices of ciabatta bread. Guys, to say this dish was good is an understatement, that dish was nothing short of delicious.

Took a taste from my partner’s chorizo dish and it was just as good! It exceeded all of his expectations with him enjoying the spiciness & smokiness of the sausage!

Then we moved on to our second drinks while we waited for the preparation of our mains! This time the barman recommended we try his Mojito. I have had Mojito’s, but darling, this one was right up there with the best. The fresh mint, the sourness of the lime, and the barman was definitely not shy with the rum!


After chatting, giggling, and taking pictures, out came our mains. Me with the Chicken Kiev and my partner came through with the Kingsley Kebabs.

Excuse me while I wipe off my keyboard because I am drooling while typing this. My Chicken Kiev dish was a panko crumbed double chicken breast, stuffed with double cheese and fried to crispy brown perfection. It came with a creamy parmesan and truffle mushroom sauce on top, and a vegetable trio on the side.

The kebabs, and may I just add that they are huge, were juicy beef cubes, spiced and cooked to the chef’s own recipe. Served with tzatziki, hummus, spicy tomato salsa and fries, with a freshly made pita bread. Both meals were out of this world!!!


Then out came dessert, a beautiful slice of cheesecake with a ball of vanilla ice cream on the side. Who says no to dessert? We soldiered on and consumed that delicious cheesecake.

We ended off our evening with another gin & tonic, changing our seating to the outside area where we also enjoyed some hubbly bubbly!

The Station on Bree is definitely worth a visit if you want a chilled spot with delicious food and drink that turns into an entertainment hub with music at night.

It was a perfect day come evening. Thank you for the invite Station on Bree!


207 Bree Street
Cape Town
021 422 0566

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