Reinvent your night out during lockdown with I-Cook Channel!

Do you miss the excitement of a fine-dining experience? The electrifying flavours, the exquisite cuisine and the fabulous company?

No more. I-Cook Channel has heard your palate’s cry for help!

Tired of the same dreary lockdown meals with the same beautiful faces day in and day out? Enter I-Cook Channel – designed to give your weekdays a splash of excitement. Simply order your special meal box and let this magical experience turn you into the chef your family always dreamed of. Cook a fool-proof signature culinary dish live with the guidance of South Africa’s finest chefs. What’s more is that ingredients are sourced locally, perfectly portioned and delivered right to your door. Packaged for your convenience: no mess, no fuss, no waste.

Goodbye Netflix, Hello I-Cook

Trade in your couch and Netflix remote for a magical evening of culinary delights on the I-Cook Channel. Bring your A-game, gather your loved ones, and trade in your PJ’s for an apron. Grab a glass of wine (thankfully now available) and let us entertain you! These cocky, quirky, opinionated chefs will be at your mercy throughout each episode’s live-stream, so be sure to hit them with your comments, put them through their paces and have yourself a blast.

The I-Cook Channel is here for the rebirth of your night out. Sanity returns – enjoy this fantastic evening with your book clubbers, family, friends, husband, lover, or even as a special treat to spoil yourself. I-Cook Channel will bring life back to your kitchen, your family, your soul. Be inspired by our chefs and their vivacious take on a renowned signature dish.

A Fool-Proof Concept

On a more serious note, for those who are less than confident in the kitchen, the I-Cook Channel provides you with the perfect opportunity to hone your culinary skills with some of the best in the business. Each episode allows the audience to interact with celebrity chefs as they cook their signature dish. Now you too can be a top chef!

If you’re missing your favourite restaurant’s flavours, the blending of specialist ingredients, meals cooked to perfection, and the exquisite plating, then miss no more – I-Cook Channel is your restaurant fix. But more than that, we have seen the dire circumstances of the restaurant culinary industry at large and I-Cook Channel wants to make a difference by empowering chefs, allowing them to do what they do best: creating their favourite culinary masterpieces for those who appreciate it most – you.

Join the Launch Day Live Stream

I-Cook Channel will have its official launch on the 11th of June 2020, with the bubbly personality of Chef Pete Goffe-Wood presenting the first episode and entertaining viewers with his tasty anecdotes and witticisms.

Joining him in the kitchen (via live stream, of course) is Chef extraordinaire Franck Dangereux of The Foodbarn Restaurant in Noordhoek. Chef Franck will take us through an easy-to-make recipe of his signature dish: Seared Ribeye Tagliata.

Ticket sales for the ingredients will close on 8th of June and each each ticket holder will also receive a complimentary bottle of Haut Espoir!

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