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  • Brunch Flapjacks Recipe by SASKO [Win R1000 Voucher]

    With a little bit of planning, there’s no reason why Mother’s Day in lockdown can’t be a super fun and memorable day. Think about it: snuggling in bed, nowhere to rush to, quality time with the kids. What more can you ask for? If you answered ‘spa day’, all you need is some out-of-the-box thinking, […] More

  • A Lockdown Mother’s Day Feast with Rhodes

    A Mother’s Day feast filled with quality moments from breakfast to lunch and even a twist on her favourite pool side drink, that’s packed with Vitamin C. A day to remember with Rhodes Quality! So go on and spoil her, with a day off from kitchen duties, while you impress with some culinary skills, with […] More

  • Sasko Fettuccine Pasta Recipe

    Domestic goddesses are created during lockdown. Add pasta to your repertoire with this easy recipe for home-made pasta. Five ingredients, a basic technique and a little patience is all it takes. Serve it with a classic Pangritata (fried bread) topping. Sasko Fettuccine Pasta Recipe Serves 4 Ingredients: 2 whole eggs 3 egg yolks 500g SASKO […] More

  • Sasko Spinach, Feta and Cumin crusty Bread Recipe

    Cooler days call for warming bowls of soups and stews. And those are best enjoyed with a slice of freshly-baked bread, ready for dunking or scraping up the last bits in the bowl. Try this easy recipe for a delicious and nourishing spinach-laced bread. Bonus: it’s yeast free, so you’re not competing with the whole […] More

  • Mushroom & Chicken Quesadilla Recipe

    It’s time to cook up a storm.  We’ve got another incredible mushroom recipe in the form of a mushroom & chicken quesadilla recipe to give you a Mexican flair the next time you make dinner for the entire family. Quick and easy to prepare, this will be a huge hit! MUSHROOM AND CHICKEN QUESADILLA Makes […] More

  • Quick & Easty Chilli & Mushroom Con Carne

    A beautiful dish just in time for winter…  With the days getting shorter and the temperature dropping, it’s time to add a little heat to your life. This Chilli Con Carne recipe is perfect for lunch or dinner. Change up the seasonings to spice things up even more, or if you prefer it a little milder. The […] More

  • Mushroom & Beef Nachos

    Quick & easy mushroom & beef nachos.  Let’s try something new for lunch that the entire family can enjoy with these incredible mushroom and beef nachos. Not only is this recipe fun to prepare but who doesn’t enjoy eating nachos. With mushrooms, beef, chilli, ginger, chutney and kidney means, you’ve got a flavour explosion that […] More

  • Bacon, Mushroom, Red pepper, Gruyere and Potato Frittata

    With lock-down still in full effect for another 10 days, we’ve got another exciting recipe for you to try at home.  One of the most loved meals of the day is breakfast. But with our fast-paced life, there is not that much time to experiment. As most of us are all indoors, we’ve got a […] More

  • French 75 Cocktail Recipe by Hendrick’s Gin

    Named for a famously smooth French gun (the Canon de 75 modèle 1897), the FRENCH 75 is considerably more fun than its artillery namesake. Some say it was created by British soldiers in France in World War I and mixed in spent shell casings, but it was enjoyed (with a different name) by the Prince […] More

  • Recipe for Shredded Duck Bao with Kimchi by Farrel Hirsch, Head Chef of Greenhouse

    This Asian-inspired recipe needs traditional doses of time, love and care in order to cure the duck and hand prepare and steam the bao, or buns, and ferment the kimchi. The beautifully tender shredded duck combined with the supremely soft, pillowy dough of the buns and a crunchy bite of Korean-style kimchi will be reward […] More

  • Lockdown inspiration – “Grow” your own Sourdough Focaccia

    The art of bread making can become a consuming hobby, and no matter how often and how many kinds of bread one has made, there always seems to be something new to learn” – Julia Child. While in lockdown, get started as a bread artiste with The Table Bay’s “easy-to-grow” Sourdough Focaccia bread. All of […] More

  • The Montserrat – A Tullamore D.E.W. Cocktail!

    This original Tullamore D.E.W. drink is part of the” Old Fashioned” family of cocktails. The natural spice notes in Tullamore D.E.W original Irish whiskey work wonders with the addition of the bitters and apple juice. So, every time you enjoy the spicy yet fruity simplicity of a Tullamore D.E.W. Montserrat, raise a glass to our […] More