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  • Celebrating International Gin & Tonic Day with Tanqueray

    The 9th of April is one of our favourite days of the year! If you don’t know why, we’ll shout it from the rooftops: It’s International Gin & Tonic Day! To celebrate this wonderful occasion, we thought we’d inspire you with four incredible gin & tonic recipes that will impress your friends and elevate your […] More

  • Chenin Blanc: Late summer just found its perfect Match at Spier Wine Farm

    With the days still long and the mercury still soaring, it’s little wonder that Spier Executive Chef Lolli Heyns’s go-to varietal is Chenin Blanc. “Chenin is a refreshing varietal that can be made in completely different styles – and it goes really well with summer foods,” she explains as she welcomes us into the kitchen […] More

  • Butter Chicken Curry Recipe by Tobago’s Restaurant

    One off my favorite curries are butter chicken curry. For me this is the something anyone can attempt at home, it’s a good start for beginners if you are learning about spices as curries are quite complex and have many ingredient and can be quite a big task for the first timer. Search your local […] More

  • How to work with Phyllo Pastry by Mediterranean Delicacies

    Phyllo pastry is a speciality of the Mediterranean region.  As very thin unleavened dough, it is ideal for making a variety of different foods.  This includes sweet tasting food like the syrupy Baklava, savoury dishes such as pies, tarts, spring rolls, Greek dishes like spanakopita, bourekas, and tiropita (cheese pie). Crispy and golden brown when […] More

  • Tango on your tongue with the Ginger D.E.W

    The Irish are well known for their dancing, and this month’s cocktail muddles an abundance of Irishness and ginger to create a playful part of your palate. Though they are very different, ginger ale and Tullamore D.E.W. Irish whiskey have much in common. Their colours are similar; each has its own fragrant aroma and uncompromising […] More

  • The Perfect Excuse for a D.E.W., Any Time of the Day

    The perfect drink for any day, Tullamore D.E.W. presents the Irish Espresso. A warm and fitting end to any meal, this is the Tullamore D.E.W. true Irish version of an Irish classic, crafted after the legendary drink made in 1943 by Irish chef Joe Sheridan. While the original was developed to soothe and revive the […] More

  • A Little Bittah Reyka this October

    Skál! That is Icelandic for Cheers! We hope you’ll be rasing your glass today in celebration of Vodka Day with the vodka proudly made with the help of volcanoes – Reyka Vodka. Reyka holds true to the saying ‘the simple things in life are the best’ with the ‘Little Bit of Bittah’ cocktail, that goes back […] More

  • Line fish with artichoke sauce with Seelan Restaurant

    Seelan – who has launched and been instrumental in the successes of some of the Cape’s most illustrious establishments, including La Perla, The Grand, The Reserve Brasserie and Shimmy Beach Club – conceived Seelan as a taste of St Tropez at the V&A Waterfront – a home away from home for Capetonians and tourists alike. Every week, he publishes one of […] More

  • Mouth-watering Prawn Curry by Seelan

    Celebrated Cape Town culinary visionary and chef, Seelan Sundoo, has recently answered public demand by realising his long-time ambition of establishing Seelan – a restaurant and bar that truly reflects both his own unique personality and the wealth of experience and ideas that he has amassed over more than two decades at the forefront of the industry. […] More

  • Seelan’s scrumptious Kingklip Tagliata

    It’s a new week and Seelan Restaurant have posted another of their favourite recipes to their Facebook Page. This time they are showcasing their magnificent Kingklip Tagliata and have posted the recipe to all their loyal fans. The menu at Seelan explores common elements between the cuisines of various cultures, and the fresh, wholesome earthiness […] More

  • Win: A Ginger Monkey to Get You Through the Month

    The Ginger Monkey cocktail, specially created for those with a modern, minimalism outlook on life. Making an appearance from the famous Monkey Shoulder Cocktail Book, here’s a mix to showcase the zesty orange and spiced oak notes found in this authentic, award winning whisky. This tall refresher enhances both notes with fiery ginger beer and the […] More

  • Chicken Breast stuffed with Fairview Feta Recipe

    Each month, Fairview sends us one of their lovely recipes making use of Fairview cheeses. August is no different and we’ve got a lovely chicken breast recipe for you. It’s super easy to make and the final dish bursts with flavour with the Fairview Feta really standing out bringing the entire dish together. You’ll also […] More