Pop, Fizz, Shuck at The Mussel Monger & Oyster Bar

The Mussel Monger & Oyster Bar rejuvenates their store at the Mojo Market in Sea Point.

Recently, The Mussel Monger & Oyster Bar renovated and expanded their space at the Mojo Market in Sea Point, to accommodate their ever-growing shellfish and shucking customer fan base. It is open seven days a week from 10:30am to 10pm every evening, catering to all the seafood enthusiasts in Cape Town.

Established at the Route44 market in 2015, The Mussel Monger & Oyster Bar was founded by passionate seafood connoisseur Kyle Dods who by 2017 set up another successful shop at The Mojo Market, selling over 400 000 oysters and over 20 tons of mussels to date. “My passion lies in providing authentic product and service to food lovers and fostering relationships with all my staff,” explains Kyle.

Both branches are run by a dedicated team who are passionate about seafood and providing each person with an experience that embodies ocean-to-table sustainability. Kyle’s determination and love for sustainability flows into his involvement with each of his employees, which expands to 29 staff members.

My ethos is to grow and build the capabilities of each individual who works for me, because without them and their shared vision, The Mussel Monger & Oyster Bar would not be as successful as it is and for this, I am forever grateful to them. – shares Kyle.

Sourced from Saldanha Bay, the freshly farmed produce gets its uniqueness from the quality of water in the region and is known for some of the world’s best oysters and mussels.

We supply Capetonians with some the best produce in the world and it is time for all to know this. – says Kyle.

The Mussel Monger & Oyster Bar are the only company in South Africa building a scalable brand based solely on oysters and mussels. Kyle sources directly from key ocean farm partnerships in the West Coast town of Saldanha Bay, where 90% of all oysters and 100% of all mussels in the country, are sourced.

 These partnerships have allowed us to cut out the middle men, which mean that we have control of the process or at least insight into every step of it. – says Kyle.

The produce are hung off massive long lines which dangle in the ocean currents, feeding naturally and creating an entire marine eco system, which can sustain itself off the habitat created by the farming practices. What makes The Mussel Monger & Oyster Bar unique is how the oysters are stored and kept at a high quality – they are stored in a huge submersible tank, which pumps sea water through so that the oysters are filtering themselves right until they are shucked and served. Early every morning the mussels and oysters are harvested and delivered to the outlets, daily.

Oysters and mussels are not only the most sustainable seafood produce in the world, but are also the only farming practice which puts back more into the ocean, than what it takes out of it. – explains Kyle.

Kyle also insists on serving large oysters, which are plump, meaty, sweet and a delicious mouthful with very little fuss. “There’s truly nothing like cracking open an oyster, seeing the sea water burst out of it, and enjoying it, the way nature intended,” describes Kyle.

“We believe in doing things simple, and placing focus on the ingredient, rather than what we can do with it.” Kyle Dods

Written by Marvin

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