OfLocal launches in South Africa

OfLocal, launched November 2015, is a consumer-generated info website that provides users with useful insight on location and venue specific information, while offering local businesses location-based listings.


These insights are generated using lists that consists of the 10 Best (hotels, views, restaurants, etc.) in each city. The lists are published, shared and voted for by the consumer. Local business owners are also welcome to create and publish their own personalized lists, share them, and share the lists that they’re featured in. In essence, this leads to more votes, and as a final result, referral traffic to the business website.

What’s more, direct links to the websites of featured businesses will be provided, enabling the consumers to gather additional information on a specific business of interest that will contribute in an increase of traffic.

Each list can be voted for over a period of a year, with a countdown of this period on the OfLocal website for tracking purposes. At the end of the voting period, the business that receives the most votes will be announced publicly. The first announcement will be made in February 2016 and will follow annually.

OfLocal considers the best interests of both the consumer and the business owners. Consumers are able to easily access the best services in specific locations, as well as write and share their personalized lists based on their favourite services within their location. Companies can add to and/or edit their business entry to provide prospective consumers with more accurate information about their company.

Oflocal is simple and user friendy, and provides specific and reliable information that saves the consumer time and effort.

Have a look at their fine dining list or visit www.oflocal.co.za to browse other lists or create one of your own!

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