Nandos Chicken + Any Side from R49 at Rondebosch Main

Keep it all to yourself – no sharing with this special.

Nandos is known for succulent flame-grilled chickens in flavourful lemon and herby goodness, Mozam paprika with a zing and the hotness for the brave. Theirs is a flavour you don’t get anywhere else, from chicken to mielies drenched in butter, crisp potato wedges with perinaise, coleslaw, pap and more.

How does that chicken sound for that anytime meal?

A juicy quarter chicken at Nandos and any single side will cost you just R49. If you’re really hungry, up it to a half chicken and any side for R87. And you don’t need to share because, these days, that’s not allowed anymore!

Order online on their app.



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