The passionately-crafted menu reflects a synthesis of French and South African cuisines, with an exciting new Argentinian twist. Manna’s chef, for example, has reinterpreted the Argentinian chimichurri meat marinade as a fresh, versatile sauce for meat. One also notices a distinct focus on the main dish which is left uninterrupted by the usual distracting garnishes. Instead, guests can curate their very own taste experiences by choosing from an array of side dishes such as the chef’s favourite: tender organic baby carrots, sweetened by the delicate buchu herb – indigenous to the Western Cape.

Manna Epicure is the epitome of exquisite fine dining, with an emphasis on authenticity of cuisine, beautiful styling and impeccable hospitality

Manna exclusively uses Chalmer beef – a very special and hard-to-find beef which is rated higher in quality than both Karan and Sparta beef; it is also ethically farmed and Halaal. The chef expertly ages the beef an additional four weeks to the original two.

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Manna Epicure5

Directions to Manna Epicure
151 Kloof Street
Cape Town
021 426 2413


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