RocoMamas is sure a hunger buster

On Saturday night Foodblog visited RocoMamas and wow! It was great! Their service, food and ambiance is great. We would recommend this place to any one that is looking for a great burger that will satisfy you.

We love the whole idea of building your own burger and having to write down your own order. This way it can’t go wrong. They are very reasonably priced and they really give you bang for your buck. A medium chips was shared among two people and we couldn’t finish it.



If you struggle to make decisions then don’t worry as they have a great selection of burgers to choose from. When the burger arrives you don’t even know how to approach it as it is so big and saucy! Their milkshakes also doesn’t disappoint – we had a peanut butter and a strawberry one. Wow!





If you don’t feel like a burger then you can go for wings or ribs. They also have amazing looking flapjacks to choose from. A selection of craft beer is also available, but just ask the waiter which ones they have available as they didn’t have too many when we wanted to order. All in all, it was a great experience and we would go back over and over. They are at Ilanga Mall next to Mediterranean Restaurant on the upper level – 013 742 2103.

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