Bagdad farmer’s market – one word – OUTSTANDING


The first Bagdad Farmer’s Market was an absolute hit! It was amazing to see the support this market got and how it just became fuller and fuller as time went by. Sue Butowsky and Rowena Tyson, the brains behind this fantastic initiative, did a wonderful job and made sure that all the boxes were ticked.

There was something for everyone – fresh produce, flowers, jewelry, breads, cakes, drinks, honey, jams, handmade shoes and clothes to even some paintings. Jamie from Magnolia wowed the crowd with his flatbreads that he prepared there and then. All the restaurants from the Bagdad centre participated with a stall and each had something unique there.

Market2 Market1


This market is on a winning streak and sure to grow very fast. The only thing that we think they can try and do for future markets is make more seating available for guests to enjoy their food and drink they bought, but other than that is was just phenomenal.


Be sure to be at their next market, which is on 11 July at the Bagdad Centre’s courtyard. You won’t be sorry!


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