Look after your Gut with these delicious Meals from Marrow

Love your gut with these products from Marrow!

A healthy gut is key to your overall health – if your gut is not functioning correctly it can lead to a lowered immune system, constipation, sleep disturbances, fatigue and even skin irritation.

  • Marrow, our go-to for healthy bone broth that in itself is superb for addressing overall health and wellbeing, now offers two new products for a happy gut: homemade kimchi and homemade fire cider, because fermented foods and drinks are excellent for gut health.


There are several benefits to kimchi. It contains healthy bacteria and probiotics for the overall wellness of your body. And you can eat it as is. You actually don’t have to do anything to kimchi to enjoy it.

  • Add it To Rice
  • Top off a Grain Bowl
  • Make Fritters or Pancakes
  • Flavor a Braise
  • Make a Stew
  • Eat it With Eggs
  • Turn it Into Pasta Sauce
  • Keep refrigerated.

Fire Cider

Fire cider is said to restore and invigorate one’s system, and additionally, many claim it has benefits that include boosting energy, warding off colds and flus, easing sinus congestion, lowering blood sugar, curbing cravings, and aiding digestion

It can last up to 12 months as long as you keep in a cool dry place.

  • drink it as a daily shot (10-15ml)
  • use it as a salad dressing, add olive oil
  • feeling run down? Take 2-3 shots daily
  • Skinny Greens juice: kale, ginger, cucumber, spirulina & shot of fire cider. Blend.

Order these now at Marrow on Bree Street.

Directions to Marrow
83 Loop street
Cape Town
074 795 7176

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