Live Carb-Conscious with Day to Day

We have help!

Day to Day dinner-kit delivery helps you eat healthy and delicious meals during the week by providing you with tasty meal plans that suit even the fussiest eater.

They source fresh pre-portioned ingredients and deliver it straight to your home or office on a Monday free of charge in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban and Pretoria.

Unpack and cook away. Their pre-portioned ingredients abides by their commitment to zero food waste and minimal packaging waste. 1 box = 4 meals. Sorted!

This makes it the perfect option for the busy lifestyles we lead. Let’s face it. We can find thinking about what to cook as much of a chore as cooking itself. Plus we often don’t know enough about what healthy options are out there and how much they’ll really cost us.

They have five categories: express, family, carb-conscious, fitness, no pork and  lunch box. Think honey mustard chicken with roast vegetables or black bean nacho bake. Sounds delicious, right? Plus the meals within those categories change every week, so it never gets boring.

For example, those who want to watch their carb intake can opt for the carb-conscious category. These meals are specially designed with none of those pesky carb and only take 20-30 minutes to prepare. You’ll find meals like sticky gun chicken with stir fry slaw, roast rolled pork with gooey cauliflower, steak with beetroot, almonds and carrots and Algerian mushroom ragu bake in this week’s box.  It can be catered to two or four people.

Carb Conscious

  • 2 people – R840
  • 4 people – R1190

And they allow you to try something different every week!

If you want to try a different box next week, no problem. They have express meal packs, meals for the family, gym fanatics, as well as lunch boxes and meals with no pork ranging from R790 – R1190 per week.

Who said banting had to be difficult? Not with Day to Day. Get your first box now and place your order now!

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