Kuzina Cape Quarter Review

Do you know that person that gets drunk really quickly and gets louder and louder as the night goes on? It gets funnier when that same person ordered a souvlaki/kebab with about 5 small pieces of meat for more than 70 bucks and feels the need to complain to us while he thinks that no one else can hear him. There really wasn’t much on his plate – but it was funny nonetheless!

Kuzina Cape Quarter Restaurant

Kuzina is a Greek restaurant located in the Square at Cape Quarter in Green Point. When opening the menu, you will find a small dictionary of Greek words that might come useful during the evening: The only word I can remember right now is yamas which means “cheers”. But there are about 15 words on there, so if you are looking to improve your Greek vocabulary while having food – this is the place! But now onto the actual food:

I didn’t feel that hungry so I just ordered a Yiro Pita with chips for 54 bucks. It was about the size of a hot dog but stuffed with lots of meat! It was just what I was looking for. Another friend ordered a selection of meze which are small dishes served normally for dinner or lunch. The prices for each meze lay in the region of R40. He ordered three of those and seemed to enjoy his meal but said that “it wasn’t anything special”. Someone else ordered the chicken penne (chicken pasta with a cheese sauce) for about R70. It was a sizeable portion and I tasted some of it when he wasn’t looking – it was delicious! There was also another pasta dish on the table but the person was sitting at the far end of the table so I had no opportunity to steal some! The pasta dishes are really good value for money. But 70 bucks for a small kebab – I don’t know? Also, the fact that they charged R36 for a Peroni draught also didn’t leave a good feeling when looking at the bill. I realise that as Kuzina is located at CapeQuarter prices will be a bit steeper – but come on! 36 bucks for a beer?

Kuzina Restaurant

Each month we get together with around 10 people and go to a different restaurant, always trying out different cuisines! This month, we decided on Kuzina and I’m not quite sure what to make of it. The Yiro Pita was nice, the pasta was delicious – and the prices for those were reasonable. I didn’t have anything to complain about. I can’t comment on the kebab but it was a funny situation. The 36 bucks for the Peroni just annoyed me a bit.

I’m pretty sure people will have lots of different opinions depending on what they ordered. If I hadn’t ordered the Peroni and my friend had ordered a pasta as well instead of the kebab – this review would have been very different.

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