Knife Skills and Sushi Making Courses at Stir Crazy Cooking School

Because wielding a knife is an important skill for a masterchef.

How else will you cut your sushi?

Presentation is everything, but it starts with your tools. That’s why Stir Crazy Cooking School is offering a knife skills and beginner sushi classes. A chef is only as good as his knife. Once you have that down pat, fuel your sushi addiction with their beginner class. Next sushi evening is at your place!

Knife Skills and Cooking Demonstration: 6 September – 18:00-21:30

Culinary knife skill techniques are one of the fundamental skills required to work in a professional kitchen or to take your cooking to another level. The bulk of work in the kitchen involves prep, and there is no quality prep without efficient and accurate knife skills.

What will you learn in this course?

Speed and accuracy in your knife work as well as creating evenly cooked and presentable dishes. They’ll address fundamental cuts and techniques that will enable you to execute your prep with ease. Chop herbs without bruising them or losing flavour, work with chillies, citrus and more. Finish the course with a delicious meal crafted using your own knife skills.

Sushi for Beginners: 17 September – 18:00-21:30

Learn the basics of sushi making in two step-by-step sessions.

What will you learn in this course?

 This course will teach you about cutting fish – that’s why you need knife skills! – the basics of making rice, California and maki rolls, gunkanmaki and hand rolls. Learn to roll your own sushi and get to keep your mat for future events at home. Then enjoy a delicious sushi meal prepared by your own expert hands.

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Directions to Stir Crazy
3 Woodcutters Grove Estate
Peterhof road
Hout Bay
021 790 7165

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