Join Southern Fried Chicken for Breakfast!

Looking for something different for breakfast today?

The menu at Southern Friend Chicken boasts fresh, Halaal dishes in five flavours (Lemon & Herbs, Mango & Lime, Piri Piri – Mild, Piri Piri – Hot and Piri Piri – Extra Hot), with menu items ranging from succulent burgers, to bucket-deals and wraps – prepared in the signature fried method, or grilled to juicy perfection.

Along with this offering, Southern Fried Chicken also has a stunning breakfast selection for only R35. Enjoy croisstants, sandwiches and breakfast burgers that are exclusive to South Africa and approved by Captain Jack – the Southern Fried Chicken mascot.

Get there soon!

Directions to Southern Fried Chicken
9 Long Street
Cape Town City Centre
021 202 8825

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