The perfect Gift for the Coffee Enthusiast from Coffee Culture

The perfect gift for a loved one from Coffee Culture!

Coffee Culture are passionate about coffee. It’s their lifeblood – the beverage that they wake up for each morning, knowing well that it will drive them through the day with only the best sense of satisfaction.

If you are just as passionate, then you should definitely check-out the Coffee Culture online roastery market place where you can find the biggest range of South Africa’s best coffee available online, delivered straight to your door for the best in convenience.

Ensuring you enjoy the best cup of Coffee at Home!

When your coffee beans arrive at your door, there are still a few important steps to follow to ensure that you extract the most flavour from your coffee beans.

The way you grind your coffee (and when you grind) is the first step toward influencing how the final cup of coffee tastes. Break down the roasted coffee bean to expose the interior of the bean allows the right amount of oils and flavors to be extracted. Ground coffee has much more surface area allowing water to make contact with more coffee when brewing. More contact means more flavor extraction and better yield.

Each coffee roast should have the recommended grind sizes highlighted on the package. But every person’s palate is different with different preferences and tastes.

The fun is in experimenting, to end at a final product that is uniquely yours.

A journey that you create from the single bean all the way to your final cup of coffee.

The main “rules” of coffee grinding are:

  1. Grind your coffee right before you are ready to brew
  2. Choose the right grind size (fineness/coarseness)
  3. Select and use a high quality coffee grinder
  4. Keep your coffee grinder clean

Boasting the largest range of local coffee roasts in South Africa, shop online with Coffee Culture to start your journey in the world of coffee!


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