Support SA’s first Vegan Butchery with Thundafund

Help fund The Kind Butcher, South Africa’s first ‘herbivorous butchery’.

In the past year veganism has gained a huge global following and for good reason, the increase in awareness and popularity is directly linked to climate change and water shortages.

The Kind Kitchen is currently operating from a ‘dark kitchen’, supplying vegan meals to customers on Uber Eats, but their growth has meant that they need to move to a more commercially viable space. Their goal is to offer their food to a larger audience and to expand with the addition of The Kind Butcher.

The Kind Butcher hopes to offer the public a local butchery type experience with a full range of purely plant based meat products. The space will give people the opportunity to explore taste and buy new and innovative plant based ‘meat’ products, cheeses and milks.

The space will also be home to weekly interactive plant based workshops so the public can learn from experts how to prepare meals, shift to a plant based diet, vegan advocacy, make alternate ‘meats’, cheeses, milks and much more.

Their dream goal would be to raise R350 000.00 which will allow them a monthly running budget of approximately R28 000.00 for 12 months, but they’re hoping for at least R30 000 to get them off their feet. They are asking for support through donations as well as through spreading the word on social media. They are offering a range of rewards on Thundafund for those who donate.

A worthy cause, their mantra is ‘do no harm’, the team at The Kind Kitchen live and breathe the vegan lifestyle and have formed an ethical business model to minimise their environmental impact. 

To find out more about this exciting project, visit their Thundafund Page. Your small contribution can make a real difference!  

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