Shake it up with Iced Tea from Starbucks

Not just for coffee lovers.

Starbucks has come a long way as the go-to for coffees from around the world. Classic and signature hot chocolate with cream, caramel and espresso frappucinos abound and they also do fresh fruit juice frappucinos and milkshakes and berry and cool lime cold drinks.

Starbucks has also introduced Teavanna, where you can get your favourite teas or chai or rooibos lattes – from classic chamomile and green teas to hibiscus and berry teas, they do cater to all tastes with a dash of that Starbucks flavour.

And from iced coffees to iced teas, come the stars of the show – Frozen Iced Teas which are perfect for summer! Keeps that holiday vibe going with incredible flavours.

Get yours today.

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