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  • Potato and Zuchini Vegetable Fritters with The Harvest Table

    When health is more important than ever. The Harvest Table aims to create a healthier world with a range of super products drawn from nature and designed to complement your lifestyle. When health consciousness is on the rise with many people watching their intake of gluten, dairy and sugar and ensuring they get proper nutrients […] More

  • Delicious Pear, Blue Cheese & Walnut Salad from The Hussar Grill

    The best steakhouse in the country, the Hussar Grill, is wowing taste buds once again with a sophisticated salad to accompany your festive meal. Sample this stunner at your nearest Hussar Grill and then impress your guests at your next dinner party by making it right in your very own kitchen. With caramelised pear, red […] More

  • Create the Perfect Ice Sphere with the Tullamore D.E.W Irish Whiskey Gift Pack

    The festive season is not complete without festive drinks. That’s why Tullamore D.E.W has provided you with a gift pack to ensure you never run dry. The gift pack includes a clever mould to assist you in making the perfect ice sphere to serve in your drink. Sounds too complicated? Hold on before you reach […] More

  • Wild Mushroom and Windhoek Beer Stroganoff Recipe

    Life’s all about defining your priorities. And comfort food is right up there for me. It doesn’t just make my tastebuds happy – it’s a way to bring people together and make them happy too. As 1 October was World Vegetarian Day and its World Vegetarian Awareness month, we took one of the ultimate meaty […] More

  • [Win] Cheese and Windhoek Beer Fondue – Rugby Snack Recipe

    With the 2019 Rugby World Cup in full swing, it means a lot of things for a lot of people. For some it means watching whatever game is on with intensity and passion. For some it means watching when South Africa (whooohooo!) is playing. For some (me) it means deciding what snacks can I eat […] More

  • Windhoek Beer Marinade, Beer Bread and Beer Honey Glaze Recipe

    The saying is sun’s out, braai’s out, right? Right? Anyway, the sun is out and so are we – with Windhoek Beer in hand (and food) and ready for summer. We’re a big fan of burgers, because everyone can get involved in making theirs, their perfect meal. We marinated the beef patties and giant mushrooms […] More

  • Windhoek Beer Battered Fish and Chips Recipe

    When we were trying to come up with an alternative to the same-old-same-old “let’s have a braai on Heritage Day” thing (we had a braai too, but that’s another story), we chatted about what food we all grew up with. For the Joburgers, it was during the summer holidays at the coast, for the Durbanites […] More

  • Celebrating our diverse Heritage with Hendrick’s Gin Midsummer Solstice

    The complex infusions of cultures, races, and languages is what makes South Africa a wonderfully unusual place to live in. Hendrick’s Gin, with its infusions of rosewater and cucumber is an unusual gin, so it’s very fitting that they shine the spotlight on their newest variant, Midsummer Solstice. The Hendrick’s Gin Midsummer Solstice is a […] More

  • Introducing Hendrick’s Gin Limited Edition Midsummer Solstice!

    The Midsummer Solstice by Hendrick’s Gin is a small batch, limited-edition gin by Master Distiller Ms. Lesley Gracie, inspired by the everlasting mystery of nature’s most effervescent blooms. This innovative expression sees the original Hendrick’s recipe instilled with a secret selection of floral essences that enhances the liquid’s existing botanical bouquet. The Midsummer Solstice is […] More

  • Spring salad by The Hussar Grill

    Am I the only one who just cannot wait for Spring season or the hot weather in general! I am exhausted of boots and jackets! I need summer vibes and I need them fast! And since Spring is just around the corner, we will not only need fresh summery drinks but we will need fresh […] More

  • A new Way to enjoy Sherry this Winter with Tullamore D.E.W

    Tullamore D.E.W was created in 1829 as a unique whiskey with a smooth, yet complex, character. Early founder Daniel E. Williams created a blend of all three types of Irish whiskeys; the pot still, malt and grain whiskeys. As a result, Tullamore D.E.W. is three times smoother with an added gentle complexity. It has been […] More

  • World Cat Day’s Salty Dog Cocktail by Hendrick’s Gin

    A salty dog for gin time for World Cat Day. And world peace. Hendrick’s Gin is famous for its unique cucumber and rose undertones – refreshing and light and hand-crafted, a leisurely sip on a gin cocktail will restore everything to perfect harmony. And in light of World Cat Day, Hendrick’s Gin is restoring peace […] More