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  • Nederburg Recipes for Tour De France 2018

    Concluding the culinary journey in Paris, the capital of France (29 July) When Le Tour de France ends in Paris, there should most definitely be a celebration with the quintessential French dish, Coq au Vin (chicken in red wine with onions and bacon)! Coq au vin Ingredients: 200 grams rindless bacon, cut into lardons 3 […] More

  • Almond Flour Flapjack Recipe

    Ever wondered how and why margarine was first invented?  Flora Margarine’s heritage is largely linked to health care and was first developed as a direct response to the growing need for a heart-friendly alternative to butter and lard. A well-balanced, nutritious diet includes healthy fats; margarine provides essential fatty acids, nutrients that your body needs […] More

  • Warm up with a Reyka Vodka Cocktail

    Reyka vodka have unveiled a recipe for their New Earth cocktail, the ideal drink for a cold winter’s night! A product of the Icelandic town of Borgarnes, Reyka Vodka makes the most of Iceland’s resources to give it its smooth taste and silky finish. Using nearby glacier spring water and lava rocks as a natural filtration system, […] More

  • Tango on your tongue with the Ginger D.E.W

    The Irish are well known for their dancing, and this month’s cocktail muddles an abundance of Irishness and ginger to create a playful part of your palate. Though they are very different, ginger ale and Tullamore D.E.W. Irish whiskey have much in common. Their colours are similar; each has its own fragrant aroma and uncompromising […] More

  • The Perfect Excuse for a D.E.W., Any Time of the Day

    The perfect drink for any day, Tullamore D.E.W. presents the Irish Espresso. A warm and fitting end to any meal, this is the Tullamore D.E.W. true Irish version of an Irish classic, crafted after the legendary drink made in 1943 by Irish chef Joe Sheridan. While the original was developed to soothe and revive the […] More

  • A Little Bittah Reyka this October

    Skál! That is Icelandic for Cheers! We hope you’ll be rasing your glass today in celebration of Vodka Day with the vodka proudly made with the help of volcanoes – Reyka Vodka. Reyka holds true to the saying ‘the simple things in life are the best’ with the ‘Little Bit of Bittah’ cocktail, that goes back […] More

  • WIN: A Ginger Monkey to Get You Through the Month

    The Ginger Monkey cocktail, specially created for those with a modern, minimalism outlook on life. Making an appearance from the famous Monkey Shoulder Cocktail Book, here’s a mix to showcase the zesty orange and spiced oak notes found in this authentic, award winning whisky. This tall refresher enhances both notes with fiery ginger beer and the […] More

  • The Counter’s Rocky Road Bars

    Do you love The Counter? Over the past few years, The Counter has grown immensely and their products can now be found all over Johannesburg at various markets selling their delicious home made sweets. One of their favourite products are their Rocky Road and Meg from The Counter was kind enough to make the video available […] More

  • Easy-Peasy-Kinda-Festive-Cupcakes with Oreo

    Let me set the scene. Oreo wanted us to create our very own festive-type holiday inspired recipe, incorporating their new brand Oreo Golden. Sounds great, hey? Yeah totally, except for a small problem…..I hate baking. I hate that there are so many rules. I hate that you can’t just add stuff and live like a […] More

  • Win: Richelieu – Café Français Recipe

    Coffee? Brandy? Count me in.  South Africa is home to the most noble spirit, fine potstill brandy. We have a long history of brandy-making (over 300 years) in this country and looking at the numerous awards our local producers have been winning, they are closing in on perfection with every new year. Neat or on the […] More

  • Chicken and Sweetcorn Soup Recipe by Yamitsuki

    Our friends over at Yamitsuki have released their recipe for their famous Chicken and Sweetcorn Soup, which has been raved about many times. It’s definitnely a big fan of their loyal customers and now you can try your hand at making it at home as well. Ingredients  Serves: 4  800ml chicken stock  420g tinned cream […] More

  • Make your own Cocktails at Home

    The Urban Brandy Cocktail Route in Joburg currently only boasts a few Jo’burg venues, but plans are already in motion to extend this route quite significantly. Park Inn Stop by the Lobby Bar to try either one of many brandy-based cocktails. Meet with friends or colleagues in the bar’s stylish décor. Radisson Blu Vivace Two delectable […] More